Delivery and hire

We offer delivery and collection services for the hire items. The charges depend on the distance required to travel. 

What do I need to hire a product?

You need 3 items if you are a first time hirer:

  1. A valid photo id e.g. Driver license.
  2. A current utility bill for proof of current address.
  3. A deposit. This value will vary depending on the value of the item you are hiring.


When and how do I pay?

You can pay with by credit card. 

You can pay instore.

Or you can pay on delivery of the hire item.

How does the hiring pricing work?

One day hire = based on 24 hours.

One weeks hire = the price of 3 days.

Weekend hire = 3 days for the price of one


What do I do when I’m finished with the hire item?

To off hire you can give us a call on 046 9022535 and we will collect the item if required.